Au Bank Jaipur Marathon Ambassadors

AU Bank Jaipur Marathon is one of largest and the most prestigious marathons in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent, certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) & the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and promoted by Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha and World Trade Park.

AU Bank Jaipur Marathon witnessed more than 1 Lac Runners from all over the world with participation from more than 35 countries, 140 Cities, 25 States & 4 Union Territories.

Be an Ambassador of one of the most esteemed marathons ever and represent your city virtually on an International level. What it really needs to be an Ambassador?

The moment when you realize you’re not just getting up every morning to run, but you’re looking forward every single morning to run. You put your heart & soul and you feel lucky to fall in love with the Running. Running is hard. It requires effort. But most importantly it requires the mindset to do it.

12th Edition is all about the love for the Running with your loved ones!


- Willing to have fun and a healthy sense of humor.
- Commitment to running.
- You need to have public social media account on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter and willingness to post about the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.
- Running the 2021 AU Bank Jaipur Marathon (or have completed the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon at least once since 2010).

- Your primary job will be to help and provide information to the people about the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon. We are seeking individuals to perpetuate a positive, inclusive, and inspiring culture for the running and the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.
- To help them register. Motivate & confirm minimum 20 Registrations in any of the Race Category in AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.
- Use your public social media presence to promote content about the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon including, but not limited to, registration information, race weekend logistics, community, runner stories, facts and figures, sustainability, volunteers, etc.
- Arrange and organize training runs, group runs, etc., in your city on behalf of the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.
- Interact with other Ambassadors via events and through an invite.

- A token of thanks in the form of memento from the team of AUBJM.
- Promotion of your fitness journey on social media handles of AUBJM and on its official website.
- Reimbursement of your own registration (post event), you have to register yourself first for the event.
- Personalized Ambassador Tee.

1. Ambassadors agree to be part of the AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.
2. Ambassadors will be required to have a minimum of 20 Registrations. If you do not meet these requirements, your free entry into the race will be voided.
3. We reserve the right to terminate any Ambassador from the program at any time during their term for any reason and your free entry into the race will be voided.

AU BANK JAIPUR MARATHON – 12th Edition Couple Ambassador

This Valentine’s Day, Combine the two loves: the love of running and love for your partner.

Running with your better half can combine the best of both worlds. When you connect strongly with someone who loves running as much as you do, you know they’re the one and just couldn’t stop admiring them. Having someone who pushes you and encourages you, when you wake up next to your running partner, it’s hard to skip out on a run.

If you share the running lifestyle- recovery, nutrition, racing, and early weekend nights, then you guys are just a perfect example of our Couple Ambassadors.

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to do something nice for your loved one. Well, why don't you start with a new, healthy habit, like running as a couple and motivating others to do so?

If you and your partner run together, become AU Bank Jaipur Marathon Couple Ambassador and celebrate the Valentine’s Day in a quirky way motivating others out there to become a Fit & Healthy Couple or a healthy person.

AU BANK JAIPUR MARATHON – 12th Edition Jaipur City Ambassador

Jaipur is a city which has a deep and beautiful historic soul. It also witnesses the charming and historic architecture and the stunning opulence which is well preserved. Even though it is widely considered a perfect embodiment of the bygone era, the Jaipur of today doesn’t wish to be left behind in the race towards modernity. It seeks a balance between the modern and the ancient, between gleaming malls and resplendent palaces.

Runners are heartly connected with the Pink City and never miss a chance to witness the beauty of the mornings be it at the Patrika Gate, Central Park, Jal Mahal or at the Famous forts of Jaipur. The mesmerizing view of the city shrove the people to run an extra mile.

This is for all the Jaipurites, we want you on board. If you think you have the heart for running and can portray yourself as a Runner, become our Ambassador! No matter if you’re a daily runner, a first time or veteran marathoner or half marathoner – join us!

AU BANK JAIPUR MARATHON – 12th Edition City Ambassador

India – one of the most beautiful and pulchritudinous country. India is known to be a land of wonders. From the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, Desert of Thar to the snowy mountains of Sikkhim, a country which is full of beautiful landscapes and beautiful people.

What could be a better way to get fit than by running through mountains with beautiful orchards, past rivers and farms, through coffee estates and along beaches? And while the elevations and terrain may leave you breathless, rest assured that the rewards—some of the most scenic views in India—will be completely worth it.

Boundaries aren’t defined for the Running and so not for the Runners. AU Bank Jaipur Marathon is not just bounded to Jaipur only. This year, we are looking for ambassadors who positively impact their community by training and competing with heart and integrity. We want you to help us bring our running spirit and values to life and to your very own beautiful city.