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Jaipur marathon initiative: NGOs to communicate vision & raise funds

Aug 21, 2016

The Au Bank Jaipur Marathon is organsing a meet with an aim to provide a platform to various NGOs of the city to raise funds and communicate their motto to the masses.

The team of Au Bank Jaipur Marathon has organised such a drive in the past as well and helped 10 NGOs from around the city to raise funds and use them for the noble cause. Last year, the team raised a handsome amount of Rs25 lakhs and this year the target is to raise a fund of Rs45 lakhs.

The team is working on selecting 20 NGOs that can be a part of the meet. Speaking to dna, Mukesh Mishra, member of the group said, "Generally it is presumed that marathons are only events where health freaks run for certain kilometers on a planned date. This is absolutely wrong. Infact, marathons are a great platform for fund raising and spreading awareness about a social stigma that’s plaguing the society. Crores of rupees are collected in Mumbai marathons and that is the culture that we wish to promote in our city too."

Adding he said, "In Jaipur, people are not very keen on donating money for a cause and thus I feel that there is a serious need to promote the idea of donations and spread the message that your money will be used for the benefit of someone in need and not otherwise."
Last year, during the last fund raising event, 10 NGOs participated in the event and raised a good amount for their respective causes.

Drive will help raise funds & use them for noble cause. A team is working on selecting 20 NGOs that can take part in the meet.